What are the dimensions of the Airbnb listings page cover photo?

What are the dimensions of the Airbnb listings page cover photo?
Airbnb Cover image size
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When creating a listing for Airbnb you will need to have photos ready that are set to a specific rate plan for that type. Airbnb doesn’t have requirements more so than recommendations for its photo section.

What is recommended Airbnb listings page cover photo size?

Use photos that are at least 1920px x 510px.
Recommended cover photo size is 2560px x 680px at 72dpi.

This is not a standard photo format (3:2, 16:9, 5:7, etc.). You can use some of the free online tools for image cropping: Adobe Express, and Canva, or use desktop software like Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

airbnb cover
Listings Cover Photo
airbnb cover 23
Listings Cover Photo Example
What are the dimensions of the Airbnb listings page cover photo?
Listings page cover photo

Airbnb image size

Upload the right resolution to avoid pixelated or stretched images: Use photos that are at least 1024px x 683px. Recommended image size 1440px x 960px (for Gallery and Cover). When in doubt, a bigger photo is better. Show off unique amenities: Guests love to stay in spaces with character, so call attention to details like a fireplace, artwork, or backyard barbeque.

Villa V Haza del Conde Night 6

Airbnb image gallery

You can always upload more photos to your listing’s image gallery, which contains all of your listing photos—so any of your favorites that don’t make it into the grid can be uploaded there for guests to view. Recommended images resolution 1440px x 960px.

Airbnb image requirements

The photo/logo must be an individual image, not a collage of several photos. Photos can’t be blurry, stretched, or distorted. The minimum resolution size is 480 x 720px at 72dpi. Photos must be well-lit and not too dark.

Airbnb profile image

Don’t upload blurry, stretched, or distorted images. The minimum resolution size is 256 x 256px at 72dpi. Recommended images resolution 512px x 512px at 72dpi. You may want to use background color, to separate the logo from the page background (Page background: White / #ffffff).

Profile, Cover, and Gallery images examples

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